The facilities at Friesvale Farms provide optimal health and growing conditions for our animals.

Newborn calves are raised in a unique natural ventilated barn that allows us to give the careful and individual treatment these young animals require. At nine months of age the open heifers are moved into open faced barns. With space for over 1000 head, this outside environment ensures hearty and healthy dairy heifers.

Breeding takes place at about 15 months of age. When pregnant, the heifers are introduced to pastures giving them lots of exercise and exposure to sunlight. The buildings facilitate to shelter during the harsh winter months and to shade during the hot summer months.

Heifers ready to give birth are moved into our clean, comfortable calving stalls. This hospitable location is equipped with video surveillance for day and night supervision.

Lastly, the fresh milking heifers are placed in our drive through freestall barn specifically designed to reduce stress and promote health and milk production for our perspective buyers.